Blog Year Challenge Comes to an End

After typing over 70,000 words, publishing 255 posts, and thinking critically for eight months, I’m ending my Blog Year Challenge. Seeing as I cut the experience four months short, I guess my performance averages out to a C-/D+.

Does this mean I’m quitting for good? Icing my writing hand and patting myself on the back?  No. Over the next few weeks, I am revamping my blog design to accommodate my podcast this summer. Given that finals are in two weeks for Berkeley, I will resume blogging on May 17th, following a bi-weekly schedule from then on.

Design plans

After finishing web design changes and finals at Berkeley, I will begin writing long-form posts twice a week (i.e. between 1800-3000 words). The articles will focus on small and medium-sized businesses. This subject is intentionally generic to keep it fun for you and me. 

I’ll continue to write book reviews and reflections upon interesting events (e.g. attending the Berkshire meeting). But they’ll no longer be available to public scrutiny. I’d be doing you a disservice by contributing to the noise, robbing my longer articles of their clout as a result. I might put them behind a subscriber paywall. We’ll see.


I’m not blogging while I finish up finals; tune in after to follow my next project.

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