Blog Update Dingo

Bringing you up to speed on a few things.

Blog Design Revamp

After trying (and failing) to build out a new website design on my own, I’ve found a few talented WP developers to help me out. The problem is, I’m a broke college student. Thus, design revamps will be on hold until I start cashing paychecks from my internship. Rest assured though, I still intend to change the blog’s design.

Erratic Publishing

I learned a lot by publishing irregularly (my blogging only looks consistent because I backdated posts to the day I conceived the idea). Mainly that I hate it, and will start blogging daily again. This is to ensure I’m delivering high-quality content, staying on the Blog Challenge schedule, and enjoying the act of blogging.


I’m going to dedicate Sundays to a long-form post from now on. This means I’ll try to write 2000 word articles on those days, and go more into depth on a subject that interests me. Let’s call it *drumroll* Lazare’s Sunday Special.

Talk soon,


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