The Brain-Body Connection

When I woke up today, I realized I forgot to take my supplements last night. So I took my daily dose of magnesium immediately and the rest a few hours later. I should’ve listened to online advice, which warns that magnesium induces grogginess. I felt like napping the entire day, and the fog only lifted a few minutes ago. I could read, but couldn’t problem solve, time manage, or interact with others very well.

My silly mistake underlines the relationship between cognition and the body. Although I mostly discuss interesting puzzles and new ways to think about the world, the information is useless if you don’t have a healthy, stable body to work with. If you disagree, don’t eat for two days before a midterm, quarterly review, or other intense mental activity. The results don’t lie.

These days, everyone has the information needed to create a well-oiled machine out of their body. The only thing stopping them is lack of initiative. Take care of your bodies and the substances you put in them. Even if you view your body as merely a vessel for the brain, remember that a captain goes down with his or her ship.

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