Take Many Small Risks

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Yesterday, my friend and I started a body hacking experiment. We performed a DXA scan┬áto measure our baseline body fat and muscle composition, and now we’re starting a slow carb diet with mineral supplements to measure its impact on our body.

To be honest, we’re going light. There are (legal) drug cocktails we could use to facilitate athletic performance. There are water immersion techniques that leave you shivering for an hour. But there’s no need to go all-in when trying something new. We’d rather safely verify the author’s advice first. It brings up the question: why do people feel the need to either jump headfirst into a new activity or never start it?

Let’s use my example of bodyhacking. What if the body scan was inaccurate, and our new diet fattened us up like turkeys for slaughter? It’s not the end of the world. But we would look very, very stupid to the people who just sat on their ass. This fear of looking dumb prevents people from taking small risks. Yet small gambles are really, really important. They build up our tolerance for larger risks (changing career paths, getting married, etc.).

So dare to be foolish this coming week. What’s one small risk you’ve been putting off? An email to a boss? Trying out a new technique in martial arts? Asking for a favor from a friend? Comment below.

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