Pre-Suasion: A Powerful Tool for Effective Communication

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Watch the video above. In it,¬†Cialdini describes how people with an agenda (telemarketers, sales people, etc.) put you in a positive state of mind before delivering their message. Changing someone’s perspective or mood, even if only for a brief moment, is as important as crafting a persuasive message.

People find it much harder to notice if they are primed before a pitch. This makes the ability to separate yourself from the problem at hand a durable competitive advantage. It also means practicing pre-suasion will improve your ability to effectively convey ideas or pursue certain agendas.

Challenge: Try pre-suading one person today. I’ll let you work out the details, but I’m going to try it on my barista. For those who are really stuck, try something like:

“Do you consider yourself a helpful person?”

[probably responds yes]

“I only have two bucks on me and left my wallet at home. Is there anyway I can still get a Cafe au Lait? [worth $3.50]”

Comment your results below. Also, if you’re looking for additional info on pre-suasion, look here.

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