Chase Dreams and Enjoy the Pursuit

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Dreams can be put off indefinitely. It starts out as “next year” and it never ends up happening. Exotic vacations with gurgling toddlers dissolve as surly teenagers leave for college. Trips to Tanzania, Tasmania, and Tibet end when a doctor discovers a lump. Saving enjoyment for the future is a sad way to live life, and a pretty certain way to ensure a neutral existence becomes an unhappy one.

People like Kevin O’Leary offer a loaded solution, talking about giving up everything (relationships, health, etc.) to chase financial dreams and business goals. They claim that one’s dream must be the top priority. Only a lazy man will accept such a trade off.

Success includes “smelling the roses”. Buffett wouldn’t be successful if he hated business. His wealth is inexplicably tied to his love of all things business related. Munger’s love for historical figures, especially Benjamin Franklin, shaped him into one of the greatest polymaths of the 20th century. A common theme among all my role models is the belief that success occurs at the junction between passion and ability. 

Exhibit A:

"I was up at Harvard a while back, and a very nice young guy, he picked me up at the airport, a Harvard Business School attendee. And he said, ‘Look. I went to undergrad here, and then I worked for X and Y and Z, and now I’ve come here.’ And he said, ‘I thought it would really round out my resume perfectly if I went to work now for a big management consulting firm.’ And I said, ‘Well, is that what you want to do?’ And he said, ‘No,’ but he said, ‘That’s the perfect resume.’ And I said, ‘Well when are you going to start doing what you like?’ And he said, ‘Well I’ll get to that someday.’ And I said, ‘Well you know, your plan sounds to me a lot like saving up sex for your old age. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense."
Exhibit B:

"Go spend time 80 and 90-year-olds. You know what? and I think 3 of you will do this which is why I’m giving this advice. Go do something I did a long time ago when I was charting my thing. Why don’t go do some public service and go to a nursing home and help. 4 hours of your life. Go there to be selfish for you not because you’re a nice person and you’re helping. I went there because I was selfish. I wanted to hear what the common themes were. And the only thing was that they did wanted to do vs not. I’m the happiest because I’m doing exactly what I want to do.

Don’t sacrifice everything to substantiate a dream; the arduous journey lasts much longer than the destination.

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