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That’s how much I spent on books and online courses last year (including gifts). By comparison, Berkeley charged me $14,068 in tuition alone last semester. That’s a 3.80% price hike to effectively double the amount of material I learn.

For students who attend college to learn (as distinct from those who need credentials), ask the following question: how can I afford not to buy books, online courses, and other materials? The cost of inaction, over the course of one’s professional career, is simply enormous. Additionally, the act of reading or watching a course underlines one’s commitment to continuous self improvement and can inspire others to follow suit.

Besides the rational, quantitative argument for investing in self-education, life’s simply more fun and vibrant when one reads consistently. Reading lets someone live a thousand lives. It induces tears, incites anger, and inspires change.

In short, learn voraciously, whether it’s through books, online courses or articles, or even audio CD’s. You owe it to the world, and to yourself.

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