To read or not to read

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Read Daily

I can communicate with dead people, and so can you. Sounds crazy, I know. But that’s exactly what reading is; it allows you to distill and imbibe the best ideas of the worlds’ most brilliant minds. That’s why you should be reading daily.

Why Daily?

It forces you to develop a routine involving reading. For example, I read right before bed every night for 5-30 minutes. Additionally, the hardest part of any new habit is getting started. Once the book entrances you, you’ll be surprised by how many pages you can burn through.


Cue a symphony of excuses. I’m too tired from work. I have so many projects due. blah blah blah. Nobody is too busy to read one page of a book a day. I’m not asking you to become a bookworm, just read one page a day.

Surprisingly, most of the people reading this will not follow through on my challenge. They will fall back into their old patterns and find comfort in their old excuses. Don’t.

What Should I Read?

First determine what kind of book you want to read. For example, nowadays I only read technical and self-help books, but you might prefer classical literature. Google is your friend, and if you get stuck email me and I’ll help you out.

Here are 5 of my all time favorites:

The Power of One

The Intelligent Investor*

A Short History of Nearly Everything

The City of Dreaming Books

Guns, Germs, and Steel*

*technical book

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